Nike Dunks – Combination of Sophistication and Performance

Companies like Nike are revisiting the past in coming out with a range of shoes that go back to retroactive fashion. It is finding popularity with the consumers and other companies like Adidas and Puma have also joined the bandwagon. The craze for such classics is so strong that even shoe makers like Converse have reintroduced their own classic Chuck Taylor All-Star with some minor modifications in the design.

However, the most popular one amongst all the brands making its presence felt among consumers is the Nike Dunk sneaker. Nike, which was among the first few companies to start the retro fashion craze with its introduction of the Air Force 1, has gone a step further and come out with a reintroduction of the Nike Dunk.

Shoe aficionados will recall that Nike Dunk was originally introduced as primarily shoes for the game of basketball. It then got sidelined due to the launch of other Nike styles such as Air Jordan and Air Max and is now hogging the limelight. Basically, this shoe has a simple appearance with the uppers made out of leather and the midsole out of rubber with some essential stitch lines running down the sides of the shoe. This simple styling made it possible for Nike to keep introducing a number of new color combinations very quickly, though in limited quantities, making their fans chase behind these styles. This also led to real serious accumulators of such shoes to aggressively bid on the internet to get hold of some of the exclusive special releases from Nike.

The Nike Dunk combines style with performance. Whether it is the Zoom Air comfort or the cushion provided by way of the thick sock liner, users have experienced a lot of comfort at pretty reasonable prices and that has been the main reason behind the popularity of Nike Dunks.

The very first releases of the Dunk did not make for the ideal shoes to play basketball with. There was no cushioning effect and the low style made ankle sprains a possibility. However, this was corrected in subsequent mid -cut and high-top releases and adequate protection was provided for the ankle and Zoom Air was introduced to give comfort to the soles when landing and taking off while playing the game of basketball. The addition of a strap also makes for good support. Experts advocate that you should be wearing these styles if you are serious about fast-paced games.